Don’t make us start a third party.

Don't make us start a third party!

Well, it’s almost time for another election in Georgia. Candidates trying to out-partisan each other in the primaries. Parties working to demonize everybody on the other side. Outside interests flooding the state with money, trying to manipulate public opinion. And the media gleefully covering the spectacle while making millions off negative ads.

Nobody speaking to and for the middle majority. Nobody committed to finding common ground or working with common purpose for the common good. No serious talk about fixing a broken political system.

Reform Government and the Political Process.

Help us reform the Georgia political process.

Government reform

Talk about what I'll do to make state government more efficient and effective. The scope of the government should be determined by the people as expressed through their elected representatives. I'll work with all sides.

Roles/responsibilities of governor.

Election reform

Districts in Georgia are drawn for political advantage of the parties. They need to be drawn to connect people with common geographically related interests. (Redistricting reform)

We have way too many elective offices in Georgia and the two main parties have way too much control over who gets on the ballot.

It needs to be as easy as possible for as many people as possible to vote. Make it easier and more secure to register and vote.

All people should have a voice in the primaries, not just the extremes of either party. Move to open primaries. (Open primaries)

Campaign reform

There's way too much unaccountable money in politics and it takes way too much for most folks who'd like to run to be competitive.

Too much money/impact from out of state interests.

Require that all donors have to be disclosed.

Require media to give equal time to candidates who are attacked with negative ads.

Require that all ads and materials have to disclose the individuals and organizations behind them.


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