Don’t make us start a third party.

Don't make us start a third party!

Define Reason.

List Ben Franklin quote - A republic if you can keep it.

Our nation was born during a time of reason. But we have become unreasonable.Politicians trying to out-partisan each other in the primaries. Parties working to demonize everybody on the other side. Outside interests flooding elections with unaccountable money, trying to manipulate public opinion. And the media gleefully covering the spectacle while making millions off negative ads.

Nobody speaking to and for the middle majority. Nobody committed to finding common ground or working with common purpose for the common good. No serious talk about fixing a broken political system.

Narrow special interests holding Congress hostage.

A Perfect Example - The Assault Weapons Ban.

We've just experienced another horrific school shooting.

Narrow Special Interest

Talk about The NRA and the gun lobby.

Impact of Money

Talk about the quantity and impact of unaccountable money given to politicians and used to run negative, misleading ads.

Minority Rule

Talk about how a small minority can stop the will of the people because th middle majority is unengaged.


Join the Revolution!

Help us prove to ourselves and to the world that America can, once again, be that shining city on the hill. That we can re-vitalize our Republic and serve as a beacon of freedom and reason. That we can take on the narrow special interests and unaccountable money - and win!

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